Agios Giorgios


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The stone church of Agios Giorgios is in the area between Valira and Mavromati on the side of a mountain.

It was built and is still being built with great care by George Kalogeropoulos, a master builder, on older church ruins in an wonderful landscape.

As young man George, saw in a dream St. George the Triumphant who led him to a place which was the old village during the Turkish occupation, and showed him the ruins of the old church that was St. George. St George said in the dream" I want you to make this my home."

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George says to him: "How can I do this? The field is not mine and I have no money."

The saint replied:" He will help me. "

In the morning George asked his mother if there had ever been a church in that area. At his mothers suggestion he found the ruins of the old church with difficulty because the place had become a forest.

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One day he went to the house of the owner of the estate, where the ruins were located and asked the lady if she wanted to sell the field so that he could repair the church.

The lady replied that if it was for the church she would donate the field.

After clearing the ruins George was thinking of building with concrete blocks or brick on the old foundations.

Then St. George appeared again and said, "we will build it in stone." We bought material and in the morning began building."

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Since that time over the years George the Master Builder has had many dreams of St George telling him what is to be built next.

Cypress trees were planted, 10 in all but one did not grow, then came paving around the church, then 2 mosaics, a tower with 4 bells, and many other structures.

The work is ongoing to this day.

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This church and complex is not far from where I live, so I visit the site on a regular basis.

I found the information about the builder some time ago but have been unable to locate it since, so I have been unable to find any more.

I will keep adding new photographs as I take them!