Agios Andreas

The picture above is of Gianitsochori Beach in Kyparissia Bay.


Agios Andreas

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Agios Andreas is a small picturesque fishing village on the coast of the Messinian Bay, between Petalidi and Korini, about 40 km from Kalamata. It has evolved into a very interesting tourist resort with good infrastructure in accommodation (hotels and apartments) and many possibilities of entertainment and good food in restaurants and taverns.

The village takes its name from the Byzantine church of the 12th century, located on the road to the village of Logga.

There is a beautiful 500 metre long sandy beach with 2 beach bars with sunbeds and umbrellas. The view across the bay to the Taygetos Mountains is amazing.

As the beach is in the Messinian bay the water is very calm, clear and beautiful. The water shelves out gradually and is ideal for families with children.

Agios Andreas has a small port in front of many tavernas and cafes with plenty of parking nearby, between the beach and the port.

Arkoudi, Ilia

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Arkoudi is a popular summer destination known for its beautiful sandy beach. This seaside settlement is located at the northwest part of Peloponnese and is very close to Loutra Kyllinis where there are thermal springs. It is also quite close to the Port of Kyllini.

The traditional houses of the settlement, the crystal clear water of the beach and the beautiful sunset are ideal for romantic vacation and relaxing holidays. Arkoudi seems to be a small hidden paradise in the Peloponnese which almost looks like an island.

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Arkoudi offers all the necessary amenities to its visitors. Hotels, rooms to let, supermarkets, mini markets, restaurants, fish taverns and cafes exist around this village.

Arkoudi beach is organized with umbrellas that exist on the beach permanently. It also has a lifeguard and a beach volley ball court. The water deepens gradually which makes it ideal for families with children.

It is a lovely walk to the end of the beach to stand on the rocks at the end and look out to sea and along the coast to the north.


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Finikounta Beach is in the picturesque village of Finkounta which is a well known tourist destination in the Peloponnese.

The sandy beach spreads along the gulf and is ideal for summer holidaymakers who enjoy swimming in the clear water, just don't stand still for too long as there are little fish that bite your legs and feet!! It is convenient for families with small children and for anyone who chooses to have everything nearby.

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Along the beach and and everywhere in the small village you will find plenty of cafes and tavernas, along with many other shops.

The different beaches around Finikounta are easy to walk to. Paradise beach, which is located on the east side of Finikounda is just a few minutes walk from the heart of the town.

The Anemomilos beach on the west side offers a broad stretch of golden sand. and is also accessible on foot. The water is ideal for swimming, snorkelling and sailing.

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Ligonammos is an exclusive bay on the east side of picturesque Finikounta, a short walk of about 500m from the resort's promenade. Looking down from the cliffs, you will be surprised at the view of the stunning beach.

The bay is quite hidden and not specifically signposted around the area and this turns out to be an advantage for those who visit it. The fine sand, the yellowish steep cliff from eastern side and the rich vegetation creates beautiful scenery.

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The rocky side to the west is a good spot for snorkeling and for the good swimmers the summer challenge is to swim to Finikounta and back.

The bay is around 300 meters long and 15-20 meters wide. There are sun loungers and parasols available from the nearby Sabia beach bar, where you can order drinks and food. Great music plays all day and into the early hours.

Sun beds are right at the waters edge, there comfortable chairs and excellent areas with lots of tables. You can be served on or off the beach and all the staff are friendly and smiling.

Kalamata & Bouka

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Walking barefoot in the sand along Kalamata Beach will give you plenty of time to appreciate the seemingly endless beach; it is 5km from Verga, where it begins, to the port of Kalamata. Magnificent Mt Taygetos towers above a city whose beach seems to go on forever.

Kalamata Beach is a long, wide, public beach which has sand in parts and stone in others. The waters are crystal clear and also warm and calm due to the fact that the beach lies in the centre of Messenian Gulf. The sea is shallow at the edge and then deepens smoothly.

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The sea-front stretches all the way from the Filoxenia Hotel at the eastern end of the bay, up to the harbour in the centre of town, and then on to the marina.

The beach is Blue Flag rated for cleanliness, and has stunning views down the Messinian Gulf. It must be one of the best town beaches in Greece.

At the Filoxenia end the beach is backed by a stretch of large hotels but these soon give way to tavernas and cafes as you get closer to the centre. The harbour area provides an interesting change, with the occasional cruise ship being replaced by oil tankers in the winter (olive oil that is!).

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Bouka lies 4 kilometers away from the centre of Messini in an uninabited area. The beach of Bouka is one of the largest and best organized beaches of the Messinian Bay.

It is vast and if you love walking, you can walk from Bouka to Petalidi. The beach is part of the coast of the municipality of Messini, which has a total area of approximately 3.5 km.

Bouka has been awarded a Blue Flag because of the purity of its sea, but also the quality of the services provided.

Kyparissia Bay

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There are many beaches along the bay of Kyparissia in the Western Peloponnese, the longest beach in the Mediterranean, where the mountains rise amongst olive groves and lush forest in an area renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, which is protected by the World Heritage Society.

Kyparissia and Kalo Nero beaches are both Blue Flag.

The magnificent sandy beach is 46 km long and it is only interrupted by the Alfios River and two smaller ones - Neda and Arkadikos.

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The really magnificent scenery is characterized by a coastal forest of pine trees along the upper part of the beach.

And also by the biggest and richest area of sand dunes in Greece and the intense ripple of the Ionian Sea that offers moments of peace and relaxation.

It it is also one of the main nesting places in the Mediterranean for the Loggerhead Turtle (Careta Careta.)

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The sandy beach at Kyparissia is in a bay with very good facilities. The only time it is really busy is in August, but even then you can ususally find a sunbed and umbrella for which they do not charge, they just like you to buy a drink which is served to you on the beach.

There is a very good taverna right on the beach and there is also a beautiful cafe/taverna overlooking the sea high on the hill. A wonderful place to watch the sunset.


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On the west coast of the Peloponnese about 5km from Kyparissia is the village called Kalo Nero meaning good water, with a huge sandy beach to the north and south.

From about 2 km from the last houses and tavernas the beach is nearly deserted for a distance of more than 5 km. Although the water is beautiful there are some areas at the edge where there are big rocks so it is difficult to get into the sea.

Kalo Nero is a seaside village built in a fertile valley. Along the seashore and in the village itself there are very good tavernas and also cafe bars.

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In this area there are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas which, again, are not charged for. There are also hotels, studios and appaartments along the seafront and also in the village.

These five beaches Agiannaki - Elea - Giannitsochori - Tholon - Kakovatos are sandy, with very clean water.

Giannitsohori has a cafe bar on the beach which offer free sunbeds and umbrellas.

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Thollo and Kakovatos have nearby taverns with fresh fish and seafood. Here you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Elaia has a great sandy beach and is adjacent to the only pine forest left intact in the Western Peloponnese.

A few kilometers from Kakovatos is Zacharo village and further on the hot springs of Kaifas which are famous as a natural spa and for the stunning scenery of the area. On top of the east banks of the Kaiafas Lake, are two rocky hills where there are two caves, from these comes the natural spring water that form the spas .

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Care should always be taken on the beaches in Kyparissia Bay because it is a nesting site for the Loggerhead Turtles and is monitored by the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece. Any nests should not be disturbed and turtles should not be helped to the sea as they must find their own way to the water. Also the beaches should not be visited at night as this is when the turtles lay their eggs.

There are many other beaches along Kyparissia Bay, some of them quite secluded and with no facilities. It is a good idea to check before you visit so that you know what to take with you in the way of drinks, food and shade.

Mavrovouni, Finikounta

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The popular Mavrovouni beach is located between Kamaria and Finikounta. It is a beach 2km long and at least 50m wide, reaching the coasts of Finikounta. It is sandy with crystal clear waters where you can walk out for at least 50m.

The same beach is called by the locals with different names depend on the place the beach is accessed. Therefore the east side of the beach which is approachable within a walking distance (500meters) from Finikounta is called Anemomylos, then Makrynammos or Charoupia. Thines is located in the middle and it has a stream that flows down it.

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On the far west side it is called Mavrovouni (meaning 'black mountain') because of the hill that turns black when the sun is going down.

Along this stretch you will be able to find secluded areas to enjoy your swim, and others where you can mingle in with crowds. This large beach it is very famous, but never gets too busy.

We found a lovely beach bar called Mar Azul which is about 4/5km from Finikounta. The staff are very friendly and helpful and they do an amazing 'special sandwich!!'


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Methoni's beautiful beach spreads along the whole bay; from the area under the castle to the long stretch of sand at the other end of the bay. The beach is quite big and is covered by sand and pebbles. The clear shallow waters are ideal for little children.

The huge castle of Methoni and the octagonal tower on the small islet (Bourdzi) are both visible from the beach creating a wonderful setting. There is a road just above the beach, where you can park, and there are many tavernas and cafes nearby.


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Stoupa is a village on the coast of the historic region of the Mani Peninsular. It is part of the municipal unit of West Mani.

Once a sleepy little town, in the past few years more and more tourists have discovered Stoupa. There are about 20 tavernas, cafenions and shops lining the road along the beach, a few small hotels, and many rental houses. Besides Greek tourists, who come mostly in August, British, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Russian tourists visit in the summer season.

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The main beach in Stoupa is a gently sweeping, sandy bay. Though it can get busy in peak season, it isn't usually hard to find a place to enjoy peace and quiet. It varies from year to year how many of the places fronting the beach road offer sunbeds for which you have to pay.

In some places mountain springs bubble up from under the sea, giving the swimmers a refreshing shock.

Stoupa is ideal for families, couples and people on their own.


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Tsapi beach is a beautiful region of Messinia, with crystal clear waters that you will find 7km down a turning from the road between Finikouda and Koroni.

There is a relevant sign on the road in the area of Chrysokellaria. The road is quite good but very narrow in places and ends when you reach Tsapi.

Opposite Tsapi you can see the islet of Schiza to the right of the bay of Finikouda.

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It is a really secluded and beautiful location. At Tsapi, the small sandy beach is about 100 meters long and is enclosed on either side.

Here you will find two taverns, a small camping site and a few houses in the small beautiful valley. The shore is covered with sand and the sea is ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

There are many more beaches along the coastline of the Peloponnese. I have only visited the ones that are within reasonable distance from where we live. Sometimes the sea along the West coast beaches can be quite lively, but the ones in Kalamata, Bouka, Finikounta,Stoupa and Agios Andreas are generally very calm.

I shall add more beaches to this page when I have discovered them!