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Until recently Stoupa's parish church was Agia Triada, however the the Orthodox Church felt that they needed something a bit more grand.

Many locals argued that the money would be better spent on improving local amenities, such as the school, but what they have is a miniature concrete cathedral, which looks very like other new churches in Greece. It is floodlight at night even though it is not yet finished.

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Agia Varvara - Kambos

The main church in Kambos is along the main road in the village. It is very impressive with a beautiful dome. Local associations present traditional dances and offer local dishes on December 4th, in celebration of the patron saint of Kampos, Saint Varvara.

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Tseria is a mountainous village in the municipality of Western Mani at the foot of Mount Taygetos, 36 km southeast of Kalamata.

The main church is that of the Taxiarches - an eighteenth century building with many interesting folk-carvings over its external surface. The inside is whitewashed but there is a fine 18th/19th century carved iconostasis with icons including a full length depiction of the Archangel Michael.

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The oldest houses in Tseria are dated after 1800 and are monuments to stone craftsmen.

Indeed, the village was the centre for well known builders and stone masons. Today we can still see the places where the stone was mined.

The main products of the region, apart from the extraordinary olive oil, are fine cheeses, sheep and goats.

In Tseria is the church of the Archangels, built in 1836, with its splendid tower, which was built by Panagiotis Karamaneas in 1844 with its carved iconostasis.

The village ends at the edge of the Viros gorge. Tracks go along the gorge and there is a spectacular view over the higher reaches of the chasm and across to Exohori, which can be reached, on foot, by a footpath looping across the Gorge.

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Church of Agios Spyridon in Kardamyli

You will find the stone church of Agios Spyridon in Kardamyli on the road to Old Kardamili at the entrance of the Tower of Mourtzinos and it was the family church - basilica with a dome - of Troupakis and Mourtzinos.

The bell of the church of Agios Spyridon in Kardamyli is said to be booty of pirates. The north side of the church coincides with the wall of Ano Kardamyli and external walls of the Tower of Mourtzinos. According to the morphological and typological elements, the temple dates back to the second Venetian period (1685-1715).

There are many more Mani churches but some of them are difficult to find, also very few of them are actually open.